Monday, May 12, 2008

Reading Material

While I'm waiting for MG to pee and Claire to wake up, here are some interesting links that I've found...

Woo hoo! Being a mom increased my IQ!

BJ has said, more than once, that he thinks autism is the next evolutionary step. He's an engineer, so a group of people who understand machines and systems and logic, but aren't much concerned with emotions and feelings, well, these are his people! Turns out, he may not be far off. Read these two interesting articles from Psychology Today for more. Now if we could only figure out why so many children are being born with "extreme male brain" these days... And do you think that, as this generation of children grows, many more of them will be diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia than previous generations? I have my theories about autism. I think that it is caused by a genetic predisposition and environmental exposure to a toxin (like mercury). I didn't just come up with this the way BJ came up with the autism thing, though. Read about it here.

Do you know about the Pioneer Woman? She cooks. She cooks a lot. Today she's making these, and I have a brand new jar of strawberry preserves in the fridge... Hmmmm....

These are the books I've got started right now. I'm about half way through each. I lack follow through. I am reading one of them to review on this very blog - and if I ever finish it, I'm going to tie it in with Baby Mama and Juno and all the other movies I've seen lately, but, um... Yeah. Potty training.

As a mother of girls, this just makes my head want to explode.

Well, enough of that. Time to get this day on the road!

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concerned heart said...

I think that a great deal of autism is caused by changes to sperm making cells and sperm of older fathers.