Tuesday, May 6, 2008

PBTV: Our Farm Movie!

Hey, I must be getting better at doing these videos - this one didn't take half as long...

We sure had a great time. I was so proud of my big girl for not being afraid of all the chickens. If you can hear the nervous laughter coming from me over the music, you'll know that she doesn't get that from her mommy. She is fearless. And she was such a good girl, if I do say so.

Thanks again, Nancy! It was a day we'll never forget!


Anonymous said...

great video. Thanks for sharing. Glad y'all had such a special day.

Rob Monroe said...

Very VERY cute! Now I'm craving Dairy Queen, though. :o)

We're taking Abby to the National Zoo on Saturday with some friends. She's not old enough to play too much, but I've wanted to go to the zoo for a while now. It will not be as much fun as a real farm, though!