Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh yes, it's ladies night!!

Just got back from a much needed and much appreciated girls' night out with Karen and Tammy. We tried a new restaurant downtown, and it was really good. Lots of food and wine and oh CRAP I left the leftovers in the car, but my feet hurt too much to go get them (bad shoes). Oh well.

I have to tell you about Baby Mama last weekend, but I'm going to tie it in with this book I've been reading, so you'll have to remain in suspense for a little bit. It was hi-freakin-larious, though, and if you have an opportunity to see it, do.

I could tell you how I'm giving the finger to Coldstone right now by eating vanilla ice cream with cherry pie filling, hot fudge, and crumbled up chocolate Teddy Grahams - total cost maybe $0.75, instead of the $5 I'd pay at Coldstone... but then you'll just think I'm a big fat pig. Which I am. But guiltlessly so, because cherries are fruit, so it's healthy.

I need to chronicle all the cute things that MG and C have been saying lately, but I'm too tired to try to remember them all.

I think I'll just finish my ice cream (to die for) and go to bed. 'Night y'all!

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