Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There's No Such Thing as a Free Puppy

It wasn't this puppy. It was a very similar looking male 9 week old puppy that was not quite free ($10) at the farmer's market today.

I called BJ and practically begged to bring him home. Astutely he said, "Are you calling to ask permission, or to tell me that you're bringing home a puppy?" Ha. He advised that I take some time to think about it.

His paws were huge. I'm sure he'll weigh 100 pounds when he's fully grown. And he hadn't been fixed, or had shots, or been checked for worms, or any of the other expensive things you have to do with puppies.

But I wanted him. Oh, the puppy lust. It gets me every time.

We drove around and looked for furniture for Grandpa Bob's new apartment. We thought about it. I thought about it. I thought about potty training. I thought about the new kitchen floor. I thought and thought.

We headed home at about 6:30 and the farmer's market is just another mile or two from home. I decided to go by on the way home and see if he was still there, and maybe take that as a sign and buy him if he was.

He wasn't. They were packing up their van, and the dog had found a home.

It wasn't meant to be.

His name, for a little while, was Bruno.

(BJ would like to request that you do not comment, e-mail, or call to offer me puppies. Thanks.)


Jen said...

Just convince yourself it was part pit bull.
Hey - I know of a well trained border collie for FREE! I heard he can open the fridge...
just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Single, brown,1 1/2 male looking for a loving home with a mother of 2 pretty babies. Loves long swims in the pool, howling at his shadow, and eating carpet pads. Duke is completely house broken and will win your heart with his deep, brown, and soulful eyes. He comes with a set of earplugs for you and your loved ones so his midnight snoring and gruinting will not disturb your sleep. As an added bonus he comes at the low, low price of $ wait a second we will pay you! Contact Kathryn and Kelly (Animal Wranglers) if you are interested in this fine and furry friend.

---haha just kidding...although today I would like to give him away his brother Riley would miss him too much.

Michelle said...

Love that story! Just so you don't feel totally alone...I bought Belle at a garage sale in 2002. She was the last blond cocker spaniel in the box right in the middle of the yard. I walked by her several times before I looked in the box and there she was looking back up at me, not making a sound. I picked her up and she cuddled right in the crook of my neck and I was hooked. I paid for her and then called my husband to ask "permission" to get the puppy. He said no before I even got the whole sentence out of my mouth. He came home that evening and the tiny little puppy met him at the door and he was hooked too. You are a better listener than I was! lol

Rob Monroe said...

My mother and sister conspire first, pick up an animal, THEN call my step-dad.


(have to put that, both for BJ to read and for Anny to read. No new animals in my house!)

Also - I'm not a fan of puppies anymore. Dogs, yes. We had a really bad experience last year and had to get rid of the dog before Abby was born. The problem with a puppy is that you can't force temperment. A dog you can tell better.

Jenn said...

Yes most all puppies are cute until they are messing on your floors and chewing everything and then wanting out once they learn and yelping to get fed at 5 in the morning. I said no more ever then in Nov I got one I think it was being pregnant and loving babies that did me in because what was I thinking we were moving in two weeks ! It was awful trying to rip up floors in the new house and put new ones in and being very big and dealing with all that too and packing and unpacking ! Now shes 50 pounds or so and thank goodness housetrained and great but this time I mean it NO More Puppies !