Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Flu Year

We were going to have a couple friends over tonight to watch movies, but instead 2010 will find us quarantined in the PB house, with a sick kiddo. I knew we couldn't get through the entire holiday season without someone getting sick! Mary Grace was up with the stomach flu all night, and now has a fever of 102.5+ (she wouldn't let me hold the thermometer in her armpit any longer than that, but it was still rising).

We hid out last year, too, because we'd been exposed to a stomach bug and we were certain we were going to come down with it. New Years just isn't our night the last few years. If we're not sick, we have a baby and I'm asleep by 10 pm, or I'm pregnant and "Sleeping Beauty tired" as BJ says. Maybe when they're older we'll get our party back on.

Have fun tonight. Be safe. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

dontcha just wonder about these things... oh well... maybe by the next New Year you'll be expecting again and that'll be 2010's excuse for not partying. it ain't all it's cracked up to be anyway. being at home with the most important people in your life is the best way to start any New Year, even if they are asleep! ;>) ly

RobMonroe said...

Two days late - but Happy New Year! Sorry you had such issues to deal with, again.

Erin said...

funny how that works out...i got smashed this new year's with another friend because we both haven't been able to party in years. 2007 - pregnant, 2008 - bronchitis, 2009 - pregnant...wonder what 2011 will bring? my family is betting on pregnant again (pretty good odds there)!