Monday, September 12, 2011

Claire's Belated First Day of School

Claire's first day of preschool happened almost a week ago, but we also got a puppy, and frankly it has been easier to snap a cute pic here and there with my iPhone and upload it this week than it has been to sit down and upload all the photos to the computer, then to Picasa Web Albums, and then to the blog.

My life is SOOOOO difficult. 

For the moment, though, Jack is painting himself with the residue of failure cheese curls and I've reached a fragile truce with Cujo Penny in between puppy spaz attacks, so here we go...

But hold on - it seems that at this very moment the universe is punishing me for being a negligent parent by causing my camera to lose its mind.  I just closed a dialogue box that said "catastrophic failure."  Um.... shi....

Dear Sony, 

I strongly dislike your PMB software, and I also strongly dislike the way the automatic archival works.  I do not need folders called "7-31-11 - 8-15-11" in my life.  They stress me out.

That is all,

The pictures are still on the camera, I just can't get them into the computer...

And now Jack has lost interest in the cheese curls.  He just unplugged the camera's USB from the computer.  Awesome.


Ok.  Toys.  And they uploaded.  Finally.  Good.  Here we go.

Claire's First Day of Preschool, a Sarcastic Retrospective

Obviously terrified, Claire begins the long, stressful journey to her classroom.

Notice how she clings to her mother, crying, "Please don't leave me!"  
I had to drag her by her feet through the door, kicking and screaming.

Claire is very wary of Mrs. P, who incidentally doesn't look happy to be there at all.

Claire has little interest in any of the toys in her new classroom.

Hostile natives arrive to investigate Claire's presence in the room.  
Claire adopts a defensive posture and fends off an attack.

"Oh get out of here, Mom, you big dope, I'm fine.  Why are you crying?  
Don't you have to go to work or something?  Sheesh.  Get lost!"

One of the hardest things about being a mother is that if you're doing it right, your kids will break your heart a thousand times by not needing you the way your ego wants them to need you.  And you'll end up crying in your nearly-empty minivan and singing "Sunrise, Sunset."  It's really undignified.  


Bev said...

What a fun post! She's adorable and I LOVE her outfit. are doing it right!!

RobMonroe said...

She's such a cutie - I do not believe for a minute that she was shy. I do believe that you cried the whole way to work. :)

Cate said...

Love this post, so funny. And your point at the end is well taken. And... didn't we sing "Sunrise, Sunset" a few times together when we were younger.... probably not realizing it was in preparation for this moment, right? We were undignified then, too, so some things never change. :)