Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh. My. Dog.

WHAT was I thinking?

It's a lot like having twins, only I can't put Pampers on one, and I can't put the other one in a crate for 2 hours and leave.  They are similarly mobile and verbal, and they're both teething.

She ate through the zipper on her crate, so I had to send BJ to Walmart to get another one.

The vet's instructions (new vet in the practice, couldn't get in to see the old one soon enough) today were COMPLETELY unclear with regards to poop samples and parasites.  I think they may have lost the poop sample I took in this morning prior to our appointment, which is uncool.  No one should have to do that twice.  Poor BJ.  So now I'm paranoid that the puppy is giving the kids worms (because new vet mentioned it at least 4 times - way to help with my anxiety, doc!).

Oh, and when they tried to put us in room 2 today, the same room we were in when we found out Max was dying, I started bawling.

I am such a grown up.

It rained all day, and the only thing worse than house breaking is house breaking when it's raining.

And my Twitter account got hacked.

How was YOUR day?


Anonymous said...

Zipper chewing is a pain but completely normal in a puppy. Riley had a crate like that when we first got him and at a few months old he chewed through the whole screen window in the crate. Notice we have metal ones now :). And no matter how many chew toys you have she will chew on things she isn't supposed to.

They should only need a small poop sample for the test and your kids are not gonna get worms unless they start licking her butt or eating her poop (gross!!)

And do not feel abnormal or childish for crying when entering room 2 I can't tell you how many charts we had labeled at McAfees that said "No Room X" due to the same reasons. You are completely normal (on this subject anyway :) )

And my twitter got hacked to what is up wIth that?!?!

Love you...this phase shall too pass just hang in there!

Cousin Kelly

Anonymous said...

I tried to warn you on Saturday. Puppy with three kids is a whole new experience. The good news is, just like when you have a newborn child, it does get easier. You can do it supermama!
-Angie W

Bev said...

We had to switch vets when we adopted "the girls" because neither of us could return to the place where we had to put our beloved Duncan to sleep. Seven years later, I cry every time I tell his story to someone new.

A puppy and a newborn! There's a descriptor for that...a glutton for punishment! haha But seriously, with all the love evident in your family, this too is more than manageable.

RobMonroe said...

A day later - hope that your day today was better!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem so bad in the greater scheme of things. At least you have a home, a family, and access to basic needs (i.e food, clean water, heat). Your children have access to free education and I am assuming you have the means to send them to private schools if you so choose. You are able to have a dog when many people have had to give their pet, a member of their family, up because they can no longer afford it. From reading posts on your blog, it seems like you you have many technological outlets that allow you to update the world on your suburbia life via twitter or facebook, while many are madly applying for jobs via the local library's computer, often on a time limit with other people waiting their turn.

A good gut check before publishing blog posts like this is to think would I want to complain about these things to a person who's child was kidnapped and found dead, a single mother with a chronically ill child without insurance, or a homeless person. This post made me throw up a little in my mouth.

Mimi said...

Anonymous, you need to remember that even people who have had to deal with a kidnapped child (or whatever their inner stuggle may be) have a bad day once in a while. You must try to remember that you have absolutely NO idea what someone is truly dealing with unless you are that person yourself. So relax, pop a Xanax, and enjoy the humor that is this blog. Because you don't know what her life is like at all and your speculation is not appreciated.

Amy said...

Anon @ 11:23 needs to come back when I've REALLY got my bitchin' on, this was mild by comparison!

Kelly - your vet experience has been super helpful this week - I have learned a lot that I didn't know, so thanks again for sharing your knowledge with me!

Angie - when have I ever listened to anyone? :)

Bev - it was just too much. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had to avoid a sad room. I haven't driven by the P. vet where we had her put down since it happened - thankfully it's pretty out of the way. But room 2 is where we found out she was dying, and I just couldn't...

Rob - it's getting a little better every day. I wish I could teach the kids to not be afraid of her. Not sure how to manage that when her teeth are SO sharp!

Mimi - love ya!!

Anonymous said...

MImi--when I stumbled upon this blog last night, I tried to "enjoy the humor of this blog" until I realized that she breast feeds her kids until they can form complete sentences. Then I was highly disturbed.

Mimi, this is not your battle.

Amy, I look forward to your response.

Amy said...

My response? What is there to respond to? The WHO - generally considered more of an authority than anonymous internet troll cowards - recommends breastfeeding for 2 years. ( My kids were 28 months and 22 months, respectively, when they weaned and my current nursling is 9 months old. I don't see the problem.

Yes, there are people with bigger problems in this world than a puppy. But the post was hardly "OH MY GOD I HATE MY HORRIBLE LIFE, GAAAHHHH!" Housebreaking is hard. Keeping a puppy from eating a baby is hard. Worrying that your kids might catch parasites from your puppy is... worrying. I didn't say it was impossible or that it was the worst thing in the entire universe, just that it's hard. And if you can't acknowledge that someone might be having a little buyer's remorse because dealing with a puppy is challenging, well, then you're an compassionless ass.

You've also made the crucial mistake of thinking that I give a shit what you think, Anon. If you don't like my blog, you're welcome to click that little white x in the little red box in the upper right hand corner of your screen.


Amy said...

Oh, one more thing. I recognize that a lot of people have had extremely shitty luck in life, in this economy, etc. but you know what? The main reason we enjoy a comfortable "suburbia life" (I think you meant "suburban," genius) is because we work REALLY hard and we've made consistently good choices for the past 15 years. We went to college (yes, we were lucky to have that opportunity, but I worked full time and put myself through college, it wasn't handed to me), we opened a business so we can stay here, we have worked our asses off to keep that business running (particularly BJ, who consistently works 60-80 hour weeks), and we've worked hard to maintain great relationships and a great support system in our family and friends.

Yes, part of it is luck, but a lot of it is careful planning, making good choices, and being generally intelligent in the way we manage our lives.

And there is NOTHING wrong with enjoying the fruits of that, or being proud of it.