Thursday, September 13, 2007

My, how you've grown!

Claire Bear! You are already 6 months old!

You've already changed so much. You're sitting up (still need a little help getting there, and staying there, but you can sit for a few seconds), rolling over, and pushing up when you're on your tummy. You're starting to act like you're going to crawl. You already love to play in the walker and the exersaucer (although you are stuck in reverse, and haven't figured out how to walk forward in the walker yet!).

You like to eat bananas, especially frozen. You also like yogurt and applesauce. I've been letting you teeth on carrots, which seems to feel good to you. You haven't gotten any teeth yet, but you're working on them! You're doing a lot of chewing and drooling. Any day now, they're going to push through. Hopefully we'll get a break before you start the next pair.

You are as healthy as a horse. Knock on wood, you haven't been sick at all since you were born. Fall's coming, and your sister and I are already coming down with colds. Hopefully you will continue your trend and escape the germs.

Your smile is as big as you are (as you can see above). I just love to make you smile, and to hear your chuckley little laugh. You also give the most wonderful squishy open-mouthed kisses. I have to rub them in, but they're wonderful.

You are a terrific sleeper (you slept until 10 am today!). You have such a sweet, easy going temperament. You love your sister so much, and I can see that you're just itching to chase after her and play. One of your favorite things to do is dance with her - Dad or I will hold you up and wiggle you while Mary Grace dances in the living room, and you laugh and laugh. You also like to bounce on the bed. We'll put our hands on either side of you and bounce, and it makes you giggle.

You also like to sing. Whenever we're in the car with the radio on, you sing along. You haven't learned the words, yet, but you yodel enthusiastically. You're not quite talking yet, but we're working on "mama" and "dada." It wouldn't surprise me at all, though, if your first word was "sis," because you think she's a lot of fun.

You are so special, and we love you so much. Happy half-birthday!

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Erin said...

My little one is 18 months old today too! Sniff Sniff! I can't believe how much she's grown!!

Erin :)