Friday, September 14, 2007

Spoke too soon

Remember in Claire's 6 month note down there, where I said she was as healthy as a horse and hadn't been sick a day...

Yeah. Murphy got me for that one.

It is currently 2:33 am, MST (Mommy Standard Time) and I am up because Claire and I can't breathe. After it took 90 minutes to get MG to bed, despite a massive dose of Benedryl (which was completely medically indicated, by the way, because without it she'd have been snoring like an old man. With it she was only snoring like me), I'm not going to risk waking her up.

Claire's in the Neglect O'Matic, and here I am, waiting until she falls asleep so that I can go to sleep.

BJ has it too.

This could seriously interfere with our weekend plans. *pout*

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