Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Update: Burning Out Eyes

I have it on authority from my actual mom that even though I am 31, sitting too close to the TV will still burn out my eyes.

She also continues to insist that putting chocolate in milk takes out all the vitamins (or makes them so you can't absorb them, or some other pseudo-scientific momism that cracks me up).

And penguins will, in fact, come out of the refrigerator if you leave the door open too long. Unfortunately, telling MG this will inevitably result in her standing in front of the fridge, door wide open, shouting, "Penguins! Where are you!? Here Penguins!" until the power company comes to take possession of our house in order to pay our electric bill, so I've bitten my tongue when this Momism has tried to surface.

We took a picnic to the park for lunch today and heard rumors about a circus at the mall. (The sleeping pig was awake, by the way, which totally messes up our nicknames. I still think he gets to be the sleeping pig, even if he does occasionally wake up and eat lunch.) So, after the park we drove down there (1/3 of us were naked at this point, I'll let you guess who played in the fountain until she was soaked through, and had to ride home in a blanket), and sure enough, a circus had grown right between Bed Bath and Beyond and the mall! Someone must have planted a Circus Peanut.

So, of course, we went. It was AMAZING! (according to MG). I love seeing things for the first time with her. It's so much fun to re-live the magic of childhood with her. We managed to get in for less than half price, because I balked at the $48 admission fee. The woman selling tickets gave me coupons for a free kid's admission and a BOGO adult admission - the five of us got in for $20, but we spent the other $28 on sno-cones and popcorn and hot dogs and cokes and coloring books, and so on. I think they kind of figured that it would go that way...

We did not let MG ride the elephant because, even though she thought she wanted to, she would've flipped right out as soon as she got on the poor thing, and we would've been out $10 ($5 each, one for her, one for one of us to hold her while she screamed), she would've scared the poor elephant half to death (not to mention the other kids), and it would've taken the rest of the night to calm her down. You have to be at least 5 to ride elephants, sorry kid. (And if anyone tells her otherwise, there will be hell to pay. I can invent my own Momisms, here).

Pictures tomorrow, I'm too tired to mess with them tonight.

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