Monday, April 26, 2010

Hair, Day 2: The Reckoning

Day two of a new haircut usually begins with me, in the shower, using four times more shampoo than I need because I forgot that I got my hair cut.  Then, after I've washed out all of the hair drugs that the stylist used in my hair to make it so shiny and full of life, and I stand before myself in the mirror looking at the disaster that has befallen my poor head, I weep.

Not today.

I've been running around for a couple of years (since right before Claire was born) saying that the folks at the salon that has a presence on both sides of town - the one that has been here longest - e-mail me if I'm too vague and I'll tell you which - weren't very nice to me, because they weren't last time I was there.  But it was worlds different this time, and I am much much happier with the results.  I guess they've had a lot of turnover, so if you're local and you haven't been there in a while, you should try it again.

We had a great day with Jen and her kids today.  Jen and I have known each other for 20 years.  That blows my mind.  There isn't anything in the world I can't tell Jen.  If I tell her something mortifying, something that is so embarrassing and so bad that I think, "I can't tell anyone this, they'll never speak to me again!" she usually says, "Oh, that totally happened to me too, and here's what I did to fix it.  In fact, I still have some of whatever fixed it and I will bring it to you."  In short, she totally rocks.  I don't know what I'd do without her.

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RobMonroe said...

It's good to have people like that in your life that are not married to you. I tell all of that random crap to Anny (though sometimes she requires me to map out for her how I got from "we need peanut butter" to "I think that the space program could use more people like BJ" within one commercial break of the radio...). I have Bryan that I can run thins past too. Damn, I think we go back like 18 years now! Time flies when you're having fun!