Monday, April 19, 2010

My Kids Make Me Tired

Wow, do these kids have a lot of energy.  Whose idea was that, anyway, to give kids 10 time more energy than their parents??  That is so wrong.  I am beaten before I ever open my eyes in the morning.  It's just not fair.

I'm going to start making them run laps around the block, just to chill their butts out.

That is all.


Indy Cookie said...

Lol. Hang in there it is almost "pool season." There is nothing like a few hours in water to tucker 'em right out! I always looked forward to summer ONLY because of the pool (hate the Indiana humidity). It seems to be the great equalizer in the energy department!

RobMonroe said...

I have been known to take Abby to Ikea just to run her ragged. We also go to a park and just run laps on occasion. Are the girls into soccer at all? They could go run in the backyard with a ball while you sit and "watch" with a good book. :o)