Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spa Day

So after I went house hunting with my friends Karen and Tammy (here's a tip - if you're selling your house, think about picking up the cat puke in the basement, cleaning the litterbox, NOT leaving vats of cat food out to stink up the entire house, and hiding your cockroaches, people...  sheesh!  We RAN out of those two houses, but several others were super nice) I went to the day spa to spend my gift card from Christmas (thanks, Dad!).

Debbie was doing my nails, and while I was waiting for the wax thing to do whatever it does, I glanced around at the girls getting their hair done for the prom (and I realized that my prom was 17 years ago, and I felt old).  There was one girl who looked super young, and I said to Debbie, "I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with her, there's a lot of teasing going on over there!" as I gestured toward her.  Debbie remarked that she looked awfully young to be going to prom.  I said, "Yeah, she does, but maybe she's just little...  like a gymnast or something."  We shrugged and got back to my nails.

After the first coat I glanced again, and they were putting a veil on her freshly teased head!!!

"DEBBIE!  That little girl is getting MARRIED!"

"WHAT?" she exclaimed.  "The one with the teasing!?"

"Look!  They're putting on a veil!" I stage whispered.

And just as I was about to dial children's services, because seriously this kid was prepubescent, we realized...  It must be her first communion.

This is why they shouldn't serve wine at the day spa.

My hair looks amazing. 

That is all.


RobMonroe said...

Have you found Very fun.

Glad you got a spa day. :o)

mwiesjahn said...

Oooooo, I need a spa day....

Can't wait to see your hair! Love the story! That's hilarious!!

Cate said...

Hee hee.