Friday, November 19, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Second from the right, back row.
Mary Grace's Thanksgiving Feast was yesterday, and one of her teachers made a point to come up and tell me what a wonderful singer she is (they sang four songs, then we had cookies and whatnot). Made my day! Finally all those times I have had to listen to the same song over and over and over in the car are starting to pay off. I told the teacher that we've been watching Annie at home, and that it's a stitch to watch her sing and dance along with the characters. In a year or two we're going to have to get this kid into musical theater. I can't imagine where she gets it (says Mommy, who was Brigitta from The Sound of Music a thousand years ago!)

Claire clapping, not-Sean is in the green shirt.
Claire's Feast was today, and she held her own, too. This was her first school performance, and I swear she looked older when it was over. MAH BABY! OMG! Claire's been talking a lot about a little boy whose name isn't actually Sean, and BJ and I finally got to meet him today. "So you're Sean," I said to him. "I'm Claire's Mommy." I shook his hand. "So, what are your intentions?" That got a laugh from the other parents. His Mom and I are going to try to plan a playdate for after Thanksgiving.

They grow up so fast.

Mary Grace is invited to a birthday party at a beauty salon - the girls are instructed to wear princess dresses, and they'll be getting their hair, nails, and make up done. Oh my! Claire is crushed that she's not invited, but it's a teachable moment. They're not always going to be able to do the same things. I left the birthday girl's mom a message RSVP'ing (I'm so old-school) and to find out if it's a drop-off party. If it is, I'll probably take Claire to another nearby salon and get her nails done. I may have to take MG for a mani before the party, though, because her first mani is something I always thought we'd do together. Is it weird to consider it a milestone? I always kind of figured it would be something we'd do when she started puberty. I guess that'll be about 7 years too late.

Gozer is threatening to make his or her own way out via my belly button.  After we get the girls to bed, we genearlly sit on the couch and watch TV, and if the TV gets boring we can watch the show on my belly.  It's so weird to actually be able to see the movement.  Everything is still awesome, health-wise.

Grandpa Bob is buying a house in our neighborhood (6 doors away!) and we're so excited!  My great-grandma lived next door when I was a kid, and it was so cool.  Right now he's storing a few things in the baby's room, until he can move them into his house.  It's providing an excellent excuse to not make any progress toward the baby's imminent arrival (ONE MONTH, oh my!).  I did get the gender-neutral clothes out and washed and put away, and I got my hospital bag packed.  It's hard to believe that it's time to do that stuff already.  Where have the last 8 months gone?

I went shopping yesterday, but there's not a whole lot that we have to have right away.  We can always pick it up later.  I hate to get a bunch of clothes with Christmas right after Gozer's arrival.  I'm sure s/he'll get a cute suit or two.

We have our language study at the university this afternoon.  I'd rather take a nap, but I suppose I'd better get a move on.  Have a good weekend!

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