Saturday, November 20, 2010

An Open Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President,

When Sasha, and Malia have to have nude pictures taken of their bodies, and when they are groped in their bathing suit areas by strangers, I will allow it to happen to my daughters.  Until then, I think you are the worst kind of hypocrite - expecting American parents to do to their children what you would never allow to be done to your own.

I voted for you.  The way things are going right now, I don't plan to do so again.  Heaven help me if I have to choose between you and Sarah Palin.  I think if that happens I'll move to Canada (I can drive there, eh?).

Amy Prettybaby


angel0199 said...

What I don't like is being treated like I am too stupid to understand the dangers and that I just need to trust them. TSA are horribly under trained for the responsibility and authority they have been given. I also don't think the increased safety out weighs what travelers are having to endure. One example of a device that wasn't detected by the old safety measures doesn't matter if the TSA doesn't know how to follow their own procedures. I let my OBGYN grope me because he went to school for 12 years. Spend that long training the TSA and maybe I'll let them pat me down. They still aren't going near my daughters.

I wish your hubby would post. You said he wasn't in agreement with you. Watching the video of the 3 yer old the other day I wonder how he would feel if that was one of your girls.

Bev said...

Thanks for blogging about this important issue and for posting this statement by Obama. Not surprisingly, he didn't mention the rights afforded us by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The world has never been and never will be a place of absolute safety...bad things happen, they always will. But our country used to be a place where our children were not molested under the guise of securing our safety and where our bodies were not searched without reason. I fear where this is leading if our populace doesn't rebel against this loss of basic freedom from search.

Amy said...

@Angel - another major difference between a doctor touching your private areas and a stranger (TSA agent or not) is that most people have an ongoing relationship with their doctors... I've been seeing our family doctor for over 6 years, and my old OB/GYN delivered both of my kids before he left the area. I've spent the last year (since before I got pregnant) getting to know my midwife, so that I can TRUST her when she has to touch me "down there."

If any of them ever did anything pervy, I would quit seeing them!

I don't have that option with any random TSA agent that I happen to get stuck with on any given trip.

My husband is getting more and more sickened as these stories of TSA abuse unfold. I just saw one video on Youtube of a small boy being strip searched (shirt off, pants patted down) in full view of the public. I'm honestly not sure where he stands on it right now, but I think he's coming around to my way of thinking, at least as far as our kids are concerned.

@Bev - I can't understand why people aren't screaming "I PLEAD THE FOURTH" in the TSA lines. It just goes to show how little people are aware of their own rights. I agree with you - the world isn't safe. The people who think it should be are probably the same ones who sue Walmart if they happen to trip in the parking lot on the way into the store, ya know?