Saturday, November 6, 2010

Slowing Down

Yesterday was absurdly busy.  I worked in the morning while the kids were at school, as usual.  While I was there I actually managed to wrap up a big ongoing nightmare, so that was nice.  I picked up the girls, then we went back to the office for a bit, then out for lunch with BJ.  We went to the drug store.  We spent two hours at the university doing a language study, came home for 20 minutes, then BJ called and we decided to take the kids to Dave and Busters down in Indianapolis, because BJ likes the kids like video games.

By the time we got home, around 9:30 or 10 pm, I was pooped.

Poopedness notwithstanding, I was awake from 4 am until 6 or 6:30 this morning.  I got up to use the restroom and couldn't get back to sleep.  My stomach was crampy and I felt really sick.  I actually walked around the house a bit thinking I might be in labor (!!!) before things settled down.  (Note: the reason I walked around is because practice contractions will stop when you change position, while real contractions just laugh at you when you change positions in an effort to get them to stop.  I knew that if I walked around and they quit, it was false labor, also known as indigestion).  Women in the 3rd trimester should avoid nachos.  Why hasn't anyone thought to put that into the pregnancy handbook?

I haven't done a whole lot of anything productive today.  I suppose if I can count making breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner and cleaning them up, that's something.  And I helped the kids with cleaning the playroom.  I managed to get the rest of the non-baby stuff out of the baby's room (except for a couple of things that are too heavy - BJ will have to get those.  He was working on the siding).  I tried to chase down a stray dog that I hope was a boxer and not a pit bull (because the kids were playing outside, and if someone's going to get bitten I'd rather it be me - yes, I realize the flaw in that logic), but he got away.  He ran off into the woods.  That was about it for exercise.  Otherwise, I spent most of the day on the couch with my feet up.  I even took a short nap after lunch.

Even though I know that I'm supposed to be resting and conserving energy now, and I know that growing a person is hard work, I feel guilty.  It's hard to let myself slow down.  But I know that I needed the rest, especially after such a busy day yesterday and a long night.  It's extremely frustrating to be awake half the night knowing that it's going to impede my ability to be functional the next day.  It's frustrating to have to slow down when there's so much I want and need to get done (the baby's room, and OMFG CHRISTMAS!!!).  Have I mentioned that I'm cooking Thanksgiving?  Hahaha!  We may have Chinese.  Turkey Lo Mein, anyone?  Stir fried cranberries?  Kung Pao Sweet Potatoes?

I really do feel good compared with how I felt at this point in my previous pregnancies.  I've had very little back pain and ligament pain (knock on wood).  I have no swelling in my ankles and feet.  I have a lot of heartburn, but Mary Grace and Claire are made of at least 50% Tums, and they turned out fine.  It's really a wonder they didn't come out pink and chalky, and that they didn't dissolve during their first baths.  None of my offspring ever have to worry about bone density, that's for sure.  They got enough calcium prenatally to last until they're well over 100.

I'm trying not to be the whiny pregnant person.  And I'm trying not to be a total slug.  But it's 8:30 now, and no one's going to judge me if I go to bed, right?


chicagogoebel said...

Um, I won't judge you, if you don't judge me for falling asleep at 7:30 (!!!) on Friday night. I was done. Crawled into bed, in my clothes and crashed hard. Alex had to wake me up to get me to change out of my jeans. It takes SO much energy to make another person - and I'm only chasing after one other kid!

There are times when I feel like all i want to do is sink into a cocoon of just myself and this little being I'm making. I know other things matter too (equally as much) but sometimes they just don't matter as much as a nap I clearly need. Hope that all makes sense.

Make sure you find some shortcuts to take for Thanksgiving and build time for a nap (or mani/pedi!) into your prep agenda. I don't know if you have PeaPod (grocery delivery) in your area, but they have some mean pre-cooked mashed taters, etc. that are worth their weight in gold. Toss em into a casserole dish, make sure BJ takes out the trash before your guests arrive and no one will be the wiser! ;) I won't tell, promise!

Heidi said...

When I was 13 1/2 months pregnant with Reg (OK, so it only felt that way - it was really about 35 weeks) Thanksgiving came from a box from Safeway. There was an all inclusive meal for about $40. Now, the mashed potatoes and green bean casserole were awful, but the stuffing, turkey, rolls and pumpkin pie were good and the cranberry sauce was awesome. And this from someone who makes it fresh every year. I have a photo of my "Thanksgiving in a Box" on my site, as well as a pic of me hugely pregnant. I know you probably don't want to do an entire prepped meal, but hey just do the turkey and stuffing. Let everyone else bring the sides. And for heaven's sake - have a (little) glass of wine. You've earned it, Baby Mama!

chicagogoebel said...

Oh, I forgot about Bob Evans. My parents did that one year when my mom had just had a knee replacement and it was a small gathering for Thanksgiving. They said it was the whole enchilada (turkey, sides, rolls, & pie)and was all really good, plus they had enough to send leftovers home with everyone (about 6-8 ppl).