Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still Waiting on that Other Shoe

When I was 31 weeks pregnant with Mary Grace, my blood pressure was 168/90.  Thanks to Gmail, I can easily go back and look through the email I sent at the time.  I took my blood pressure this morning, at 31 weeks pregnant with Gozer it was 116/78.

Every time I get a headache, every time I get dizzy, every time I see a spot I take my blood pressure.  It's almost silly.  And it hasn't been over 130/90 at any point throughout this pregnancy.

So why can't I relax and trust that it'll continue to stay healthy?

It's similar with the ICP.  I went back through my email and found that I came down with that at 32 weeks pregnant with Claire.  Guess who is having blood drawn next week to check on her liver. 

If I get all the way to the end of this pregnancy and nothing goes wrong, I'm going to feel pretty silly for spending all of this time worrying. 

I'm also going to feel very relieved and grateful.


morganna said...

No, not silly. You have very real concerns that, thankfully, are not yet becoming reality with this pregnancy. You're in my thoughts, and I wish you a continued physically healthy pregnancy.

Jessi said...

Hopefully you're not diagnosed with any issues in this pregnancy...Perhaps because your in a healthier lifestyle (eating better, lost weight, ect.) that's why the past issues aren't presenting themselves?