Monday, November 22, 2010

Dogs and Pregnancy

My original baby has been acting very strangely for the past few weeks.  She barks a lot more, or maybe I'm just home to notice it a lot more.  She seems to be velcro-ed to my legs.  She seems very nervous and protective.

I took her to the vet for her checkup and she actually bared her teeth at the vet!  Those who know Max know that this never, ever happens.  She will grump, particularly when the kids get too close and too bouncy, but she has never even threatened to bite anyone.  Now, at the time the vet was trying to check her teeth, and she and the tech had backed Max into a corner, and Max couldn't see me anymore, but still...  It was a very unusual behavior.  The vet said that it was like Max was a completely different dog than she was a year ago at her last exam.


Then our vet told me that I was kicking out a ton of pheromones ("Oh, excuse me!" I replied, and she laughed) because of the pregnancy, and that Max is probably reacting to the pheromones I'm exuding.

Since then I've been watching her more closely, and sure enough - this dog is being weird. 

I just wondered if any of you had stories about your pets behaving strangely during your pregnancy.

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Heidi said...

My already clingy dog became especially so while I was pregnant. From what I understand (from other pregnant friends, vets, pregnant vet friends...) this is normal. If the dog is "your" dog to start with, this is especially so. On of my vet friends (and I have four of them - go figure) said that her dog wouldn't let her husband near her while she was pregnant. Talk about pack mentality.

Even weirder though - my oldest child was very protective of the belly when I was pregnant with each of his siblings. Not me, specifically, but the belly. Then again, he started poking my belly before I knew I was pregnant. Maybe he's part Golden Retriever (hmm... he is very food motivated!)