Monday, May 30, 2011

I want to move to Grand Rapids!

This is just amazing. I hereby nominate the City of Grand Rapids to be put in charge of everything, because clearly they know how to coordinate a big project! I love how the music synched up with the visuals (the marching band, the football team, the pyrotechnics!). Wonderful! What fun.

Happy Memorial Day. I don't think the song or the video necessarily have anything to do with Memorial Day, this just happens to be the day I had time to surf around, and I happened to find it.

I also had time to make Slurpees (tm) in my ice cream maker. You want to know how? You pour Coke into the ice cream maker, and let it run until it turns into a Slurpee. Who knew? So I made caffeine free Coke Slurpees because I miss them but Jack doesn't like caffeine after noon. It's about 90 outside, so they hit the spot. I'm looking forward to trying other flavors... I think root beer will be next, but I need to refreeze my ice cream maker which takes 24 hours (enforced moderation).

I do have some good news to share, and I'm waiting for authorization to blog from the interested party or parties involved, so stay tuned (and if you're the interested party, don't forget to give me the go ahead when you're ready for me to share)!

Any guesses?


Connie said...

your going to be an auntie?

Stacey says... said...

You should come visit Grand Rapids! We have lots of fun stuff to do in West Michigan in the summer!