Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nap snuggles

When I sat down to nurse Jack about 10 minutes ago, I had big plans. I was going to pay the bills while I got him down to sleep, then put him down in his swing so I could fold some laundry while he slept... My to-do list was a mile long.

But then he fell asleep, and he is so soft and snuggly, and he's growing so very fast.

I think I'll just hold him. I won't ever remember whether or not I got that laundry done or the bathroom floor cleaned. I will regret it, though, if I'm always rushing away from my baby. I will regret it if I don't take these moments to hold him while I can.

It's going so fast. He's almost 5 months old. It's ok to slow down once in a while, isn't it? Don't judge me if my bathroom floors aren't clean, or if my laundry isn't put away. My kids are well loved, and that's all that truly matters today.


Bev said...

That's all that truly matters most days!

Amber said...

Amen Sista!! Kids feeling loved and happy is much more important the mopping floors or folding the laundry- and hey at least the laundry is clean!!

Mrs4444 said...

I totally get that. Enjoy the excuse while you have it!hahaha:)