Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Van

BJ noticed a shudder in the van, so he took it to be checked out yesterday. Apparently it needs a new transmission, although the dealer said he could make it home if he didn't drag race or tow anything. The greater issue is that somehow they killed the entertainment system while they were looking at it. BJ is looking at the fuses now.

We are seriously thinking about buying a new van down here, especially since the launch won't happen before the end of our vacation - now we have an extra day.

We will go to Disney tomorrow, then maybe car shopping in Orlando Tuesday. Oy.

At least we are all safe, and we can afford to replace the van. It could be so much worse. Positive thoughts. Disney is a magical place - maybe the van will be fixed by helpful mice and birds while we're there.


Bev said...

We are lucky, those of us who can do what needs to be done wherever we are at the time.

R & I traded our Class C RV for a Class A in Spokane, WA last summer in the middle of a five week trip and it has worked out great! Purely by chance did we stop just to look around when we had an open afternoon and there it was.

Hope your vacation van shopping turns out as well!

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Momo Fali said...

No drag racing? Darn.

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all problem will be solve and u can go anywhere in new van then maybe shopping in Orlando in new van.... life wil be tension free for few months hmmm.
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