Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Claire is at Grandma Camp up in Grammaland with BJ's mom.

Mary Grace is going to sleep at Girl Scout camp tomorrow night, so I'll drop her off around 9 am and I won't see her until 4 pm.

Jack is enormous.  He's going to start talking any minute.  He babbles like crazy.  I could have sworn that he said, "When are we going to go?" tonight, but it might just be the same phenomenon as when people play records backwards and hear secret messages... hard to say.

They're all just so stinkin' grown up all of a sudden!

I got to hold my dear friend's 5 month old son today (and to hang out with her and her adorable 4 year old son!) and it felt so good to snuggle a little guy again.  They live out east, so it was a very special treat.

My neighbors are bringing home their new baby boy tomorrow, and I can't wait to get my hands on him.

Honestly, if we had bottomless bank accounts, I don't think I would ever stop having babies.  I hate it that fears about how we're going to pay for college inform the decision about how many kids we're going to have, but they do.

It's time for me to go back and read some of the whiny posts I wrote when I was pregnant.  It's amazing how we forget, isn't it?


Rob Monroe said...

I got to rock a 7 month old to sleep last week - I rarely miss babies around, but he was just SO sweet!

Anonymous said...

I've been going through baby lust, too, but all of my friends are well past that stage in life. With my youngest becoming a teenager on his next birthday, I sometimes get a little weepy and think maybe I've got the energy for just one more?

Then my about to be 21-year-old points out if I just wait a few more years I'll get grandbabies. They're the best kind of babies ever: you can feed them and snuggle them, then turn them over to your kid to handle their parental duties while you do something fun!