Monday, June 25, 2012

Drive In Update

I am always a little shocked when people listen to me.  

I just received the following email from the Drive In that I wrote about yesterday:
We haves taken off the Rock of Ages trailer. We are sorry we offended you.
So, wow!  I may not be able to change the pervasive culture of premature sexualization and the objectification of women, but I can at least make sure that the rest of the kids (both girls and boys!) who go see Brave at that theater aren't exposed to inappropriate images.  And hopefully they'll think a little more critically about the trailers they show with children's movies in the future!

Maybe all it takes is us parents, as a group, standing up and saying, "We want better for our children than this, and we're not going to take this lying down any more." 

If nothing else, if our children will see us and hear us when we stand up for them, and that alone is powerful.

Thank you, to the Lake Shore Drive In for doing the right thing!

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Bev said...

How gratifying it must be to know you were heard, congratulations! I do speak up, but rarely discover that I was heard. This gives me an incentive to continue the good fight for all of our children.