Thursday, June 14, 2012

Louise Payne, 1912 - 2012

BJ's grandmother died yesterday.  She was a very neat person - she loved music and swimming and her family.

These photos were part of the memory board that BJ's mom made for her 100th birthday celebration in April.  I love the one on the upper left.  I think she looks mischievous.

Rest in Peace, Grandmother Payne.


Anonymous said...

My greatest sympathies on your loss. My own grandmother would have been 100 this week, she died a couple of years ago and I miss her keenly. Grandmothers are such wonderful, important people in our lives. Much love to you and your family!

Rob Monroe said...

BJ, I know you get these comments through email - my condolences on the loss of your grandmother.

Amy - I agree about the mischief look, but the two on the bottom are just stunning!

Unknown said...

Many thanks, Rob.

Bev said...

So sorry for your loss but what an amazing gift to have had her in your lives this long. I knew three of my great-grandparents on my mother's side and treasure all of my memories of times spent with them.