Monday, June 18, 2012

Jack - 18 Months

At Mary Grace's school last month, being a big boy
Dear Jack,

I got distracted with father's day and I totally forgot to post your 18 months update.  Whoops, sorry!

You're growing and changing so fast, that I want to capture a bit of who you are before you get any bigger.  Your language is just starting to emerge.  You say "Mama," and "Dada," and "Papa."  "RaRa" still means "sister" although I would swear I heard you say "Mary Grace," clear as a bell, the other day.  Your babbling is starting to sound a lot like sentences.  The word "Go!" is one of your favorites, and sometimes it sounds like you're saying, "When are we going to go?" which is a mouthful for someone so little.

You're such a little snuggle bug.  You like to have your back and head rubbed, just like your dad.  You like to give kisses and hugs.  Sometimes when Dad and I sit on the floor, you'll come up behind one of us and hug us.  It's very sweet.

You weaned last month - the earliest of all three of you.  It was bittersweet for me.  It's exciting that you're growing up, getting bigger and less dependent on me, but it's hard that you're not a baby anymore.  You're so big!

You absolutely LOVE playing outside.  And when your sisters go out but I can't take you out with them, you get really, really mad!

Speaking of outside....

Your favorite toy for playing is:  Your big truck - you just love to motor up and down the street pushing that thing! 

Your favorite toy for snuggling is: your "nah nahs" - cars

Your favorite food is: grapes and blueberries

Your favorite book is: Good Dog Carl or Five Little Sleepyheads

Your favorite activity is: playing with cars

Your favorite place to go is: outside!!!!!

Your best friend is: your "Rah Rahs" (sisters)

Something new that you're doing: babbling in what sounds like sentences

Something you've mastered: walking, running

Something people say about you: "He's so talkative!"

Something that you're saying is: We suspect that you might be fluent in a language that we just don't speak.

Something Dad and I are proud of you for: you play so well with other kids, especially your sisters, and we rarely have any problems with sharing toys or other issues that are common with toddlers (so far!)

Something surprising about you: you LOVE Penny so much.  She puts up with a lot of eye poking, tail pulling, and back riding (or trying to, anyway) from you.

Love you so much, Jack Rabbit!


Kim said...

He's so beautiful and so special and so darned BIG!!!!! I can't believe he's 18 months old already. It seems like he was just born last month.

You KNOW how thrilled I am at his little ringlets. But I still can't decide who he resembles more, MG or Claire. In one picture, he'll look like one, and then in the next picture, he's a dead ringer for the other.

No matter, as long as he has the ringlets, right??

And, honestly, even without them he'd still be wonderful, and so, so special.

I just can't believe he's 18 months old.......good lord.

Amy Austin said...

I know, time really flies! He has those curls because of you! :)

DPA said...

Jack is a joy to be around. So friendly and outgoing. Luv 'em!

Rob Monroe said...

Love it! While he is technically not needing you for breastfeeding, trust that he still needs you a thousand times more than the others! You have lots of time for that. :)