Friday, August 3, 2012


Sorry I missed yesterday.  I've been busy on Facebook yelling about the Chick Fil A thing.  I love my gay friends, and it just drives me insane that we're still fighting for basic human rights and equality in 2012.

For the record, when I'm arguing with a friend of a friend (FOAF) and they stop addressing my logical, factually correct, sources cited, calm and rational arguments entirely, I figure that I've won.  This has happened a lot of times in the past couple days.  Also, I count the number of "likes" that my comments get, and if my comments get more likes than theirs, I win again.

I'm winning the entire internet.

Sadly, I'm losing the laundry.


Rob Monroe said...

Not sure if BJ would agree, but I say laundry can wait, someone on the internet is wrong and your role is to fix it! :)

Amy Austin said...

I know, right? It's a huge responsibility, but I take my job as arbiter of truth and justice on the internet very seriously!

Bev said...

Is there a link to your FB page on your blog? I've tried to find you on there before but it seems there are lots of "Pretty Babies" and they are certainly not you! More "likes" for you since we often share opinions on topics.

We are traveling so I didn't comment on your recent posts but want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed all the posts about your family's weddings and all the photos of your very "Pretty Babies"!

Amy Austin said...

Bev - you can find the blog's page here:

and I'm here:

Thanks!!! XOXOXOXO