Saturday, August 4, 2012

State Fair

As you might have guessed from my photos today, we spent the day at the State Fair.

We left right after lunch so that Jack would nap in the car, and as we got to Indy the sky opened up and rain poured down in sheets.  Not exactly fair weather <rimshot>.  We diverted to the Children's Museum for an hour or so, then headed over to the fair just in time for everything to be nice and humid.

That picture I posted earlier of Claire on the Tilt A Whirl?  Don't worry.  She screamed the entire time, then immediately wanted to go again.  Screaming is half the fun!

Grandpa Bob came with us, and BJ met us at dinner time (he went paintballing in Northwest Indiana for a friend's 40th birthday - he came back with a couple of very impressive bruises).  After we ate, Jack and Grandpa were getting tired and fussy, so I brought them home and BJ and the girls stayed and won fabulous prizes and rode more rides.

We were there for the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts, so we got discounted tickets (yay) and unlimited ride wristbands (YAY) and a free milkshake from the Dairy Barn - that was funny.  The woman in front of me ordered a chocolate milkshake and was served soft-serve chocolate ice cream.  When she pointed it out to the woman at the counter, the woman said, "It'll be a milkshake soon enough."  Hahaha!  It was exceptionally muggy.  I didn't complain about the soft-serve "milkshake."  It was free.

We never did find the people who were handing out the badges for the scouts.  I've contacted them via Twitter and I'm hoping they will mail me one.  The only exhibit we were looking for was the 100 years of Girl Scouts History, but when we arrived at the building it was supposed to be in, we were told that it never showed up.  Oh well. There was a really cool Lego train set in that building that Jack enjoyed thoroughly.  The girls liked it, too.  There were a lot of characters from Star Wars, Toy Story, and other movies that they love worked into the landscape around the trains.  

We missed the deep fried Girl Scouts cookies.  We had chicken strips and a polish sausage, the aforementioned "milkshakes," lemonade, fried pickles, and other such fair food.  There was a company giving away samples of flavored handmade marshmallows that are made in Indiana with all natural ingredients.  They were roasting them over a portable burner.  The Key Lime flavor was amazing.  I wish we'd made it back to buy some of those.  I'm going to have to see if I can find their website.  I will report back if I do. (That was easier than I thought it would be!)

I'm exhausted now.  BJ, who plays as hard as he works, went to a midnight movie with Wright (the birthday boy).  I hope he doesn't snore so loudly that he disturbs the rest of the audience.


Unknown said...

Sounds like you had fun despite bad weather and bad planning on the part of GSCI. I may have to talk to HQ.

Amy Austin said...

I hope I didn't just get anybody in trouble! It was totally our fault that we missed the badges. I'm not familiar with the fairgrounds, so we ended up at the wrong stage. They sent us in the right direction, but the girls were more interested in rides and games than anything else, so rather than march them through the midway we took our time. So when we got to the Free Stage they were setting up for a concert and the GS were gone. :(

No big deal!

Rob Monroe said...

Sounds like a fun day! I would have dropped everything, possibly even the children, in favor of a fried Girl Scout Cookie. I wish we had a good fair close to us - I'm not driving across the state for deep fried oreos... or am I? :)