Friday, August 24, 2012

One Week Down

The first full week of school made us tired.  Not tired enough to stop volunteering for new opportunities, not tired enough to skip any of our stuff, but tired.

The girls were so excited for pizza day last week, and then they were disappointed to find that 1) the pizza isn't terribly good, and 2) they only get one piece.  This week I said, "Well, you can buy your lunch another day, and we can get pizza Friday night.  Good pizza.  And you can have more than one piece!"  Sold.

So we got pizza tonight and now the girls are playing Star Wars with Daddy and Jack is watching Thomas and I'm sitting on the couch feeling very, very grateful for weekends in a way I haven't felt since I worked full time.

One week down, 17 years to go.  Hahaha!

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Rob Monroe said...

Yeah, school pizza is gross. Sucks they had to learn that way, but it happens! We have not clued Abby in on the availability of purchased lunches, and might keep it that way. We are up for three hours before we can leave for school, so that works against her, too!

Glad you have gotten the first week down! Here is to many more!