Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1

Dear Mrs. O. and Mrs. W.,

I am so, so sorry for inflicting my children on you today.  They are hungover from sugar and too much excitement.  You should get hazard pay.

When I told Claire that she could have "two pieces of candy" I failed to tell her that I meant fun sized pieces, and when I wasn't watching she ate a fun sized piece of something and then 3/4 of a king sized Reese's PB cup package that Grandpa Bob gave her.  I only know this because I found the wrappers on the counter and Claire on the ceiling.  She'll probably come down from the sugar high around 11 am today.

Mary Grace has a pretty serious sugar addiction to start with, so her blood sugar level isn't too far above her normal pre-diabetic level.  However, she IS reacting to her sister's hyperness, and so she's unusually grumpy and short tempered.

In addition to the sugar, they were also both up about an hour and a half later than usual last night.  Sorry.

Most of all, I'm sorry for being very, very relieved when it was time for them to go wait for the bus.


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