Monday, November 12, 2012


I've neglected to write for almost a week.  Nothing in particular has been going on.  We spent a great deal of time on Saturday trying to make progress on the front porch.  We have the old siding removed, the house wrap/insulation/waterproofing stuff that says Lowe's all over it put on and taped.  We need to haul away the old aluminum (but we need a truck for that, and some time, both of which we lack at this moment).  BJ is nervous about cutting the new stuff that we're putting up, even though we had to order 10 sheets of it so we have lots of practice material.

On Sunday we made sushi and Buffalo chicken dip for a party that he was going to.  I don't like sushi, but he was running late, so I helped.  I tasted a piece.  Nope, don't like it when I make it, either.  Nori, the seaweed stuff that holds sushi together, tastes like the part of fish's taste that I don't like.  The texture is off-putting, too.  It's like a fish-flavored Fruit Roll Up.  Why would anyone eat that deliberately??

I've done a little Christmas shopping.  Both of the girls really want American Girl dolls.  So even though I swore I wouldn't drink that KoolAid, that's what they're getting from "Santa" this year.  Stupid Santa gets all the credit for the awesome gifts, the big jolly jerk.  Next year Santa's going to bring them socks and underwear, and Mommy is going to get them a pony.

I swear, kids came up with this Santa thing.  Because when Mary Grace (very prematurely) wrote her letter to Santa, and said, "I've been good, please bring me the Marie-Grace American Girl Doll," I thought, "If we don't get it for her, she's going to think that she's BAD."  How could I possibly do that to her?

We also went to see the play "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs" on Sunday afternoon at Purdue,  but it was a disaster and I don't want to talk about it.  Let's just say that Jack won't be enjoying the theater again, children's play or otherwise, for a very, very long time.

One of us is about to be VERY bad.
Penny and Mommy agree that it's a good thing he's so cute.
That's about all.  Just the usual.  Nothing terribly noteworthy or hilarious these days.  


Unknown said...

Living in the midwest, I'm sure you haven't had an opportunity to enjoy truly GOOD sushi, so I understand where you're coming from. Heck, when I met Ben almost 6 years ago (6?!), I barely ate sushi (only rolls). And now it's one of my favorite foods. He's taking me to Japan in April to see where it all began.

BUT ANYWAY...if you want to understand sushi--the passion behind it and why people love it so much, rent or download "Jiro Dreams of Sushi". It's a gorgeous documentary about a master sushi chef in Tokyo--the only sushi restaurant to ever be awarded 3 Michelin stars (and his restaurant is in a train station!). If that doesn't make you want to try sushi (the real stuff), then nothing will :) -Maggie

angel0199 said...

We love AG dolls here. I would rather get an Ag doll than a hundred dollars worth of things with little tiny plastic pieces. They only toys Abby regularly plays with our her AG dolls and legos. Sammi's first doll is what inspired her love of history. The books for the historical dolls have a section on what life was really like during that time period and they led to a lot of good discussions. (Like the ones about slavery when she was reading the Addy books.)I tried to talk them into Marie Grace and Cecile last Christmas, but they picked other dolls.