Wednesday, December 12, 2007

WFMW: How to Pack a Diaper Bag

When Mary Grace was little, I used to cart around all kinds of junk everywhere we went. Had it become necessary, we could've easily lived out of the diaper bag for a month.

Now that I have two kids under two, it has become necessary to scale down the bag. Here are some of my best tips. Keep in mind that I'm talking about your "running around town" bag, not your "going on a trip to grandma's" bag.
  • You do not need an entire infant medicine cabinet. Take Tylenol, if you think you might actually need it (for example, if someone is teething), and leave the rest at home. If it's so bad that your kid really needs medicine, you should probably stay home, anyway.
  • You do not need an entire wardrobe. Take one sleeper (with feet), per kid, in case of a blow out diaper. Roll it, so that it takes up a small amount of space and stays unwrinkled. That way you don't have to worry about socks, etc.
  • If you put diapers in a ziplock bag, you can smash out the air so that they take up a lot less space and stay neat. The wipes fit in mine, with both kids' diapers, if I limit myself to two diapers per kid. If I am faced with a seriously nasty diaper, I take the clean diapers out, put the dirty one in, seal it, and throw it away. Then I get a new ziplock bag later. Now I don't have to carry disposal bags for diapers.
  • Combine your diaper bag and your purse so you only have to carry one thing. You're a lot less likely to leave one behind if everything's in one bag.
  • You need one spoon and one bib per kid, just in case you eat out. You also need one snack (preferably something they'll both eat, instead of two separate snacks).
  • You need one toy per kid. Lulu the Letter Spinning Spider is my choice for Claire, because she could play with it, happily, for hours. Crayons work for MG. I no longer cart around an entire library and toy store. It's bad for the back.
  • Leave the stroller behind, use a sling. My small one can fold up and stow in my diaper bag.
  • One receiving blanket, in case you need to change a diaper on a nasty surface, or nurse and need a cover (not that I normally bother with a cover, but occasionally... when I feel like it or my tummy is showing).
  • Breastfeed. Then you won't have to mess with bottles, formula, water, etc.
Leave everything else in the car.

That's it. See if you can declutter your diaper bag. In my opinion, "light" is the only way to travel!

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Lara said...

Great tips! I'm due for another one in May so it's back to diapers for me!

SAHMmy Says said...

Great tips! I love the last one especially! Can't imagine having to cart around bottles, etc. I had my mom make a nursing cover for me out of a lightweight fabric that folds smaller than a diaper. Others I bought took up my whole bag!

JacciM said...

I packed a ton with my first, too :)My second rolled around 16 months later and something had to give! Now with four children six and under, I toss a few diapers and a bag of wipes in the van and we're good to go! ;)What in the world did I use to think was so necessary that it filled up a whole bag?

You gave some great tips. Thanks for sharing :)

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

I just read a bunch of your WFMW tips, and they are so helpful! I was particularly interested in this list, and also in your post on time outs. Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for promoting breastfeeding in with your tips. Normalizing nursing is a service to us all.

At one point I had 3 in diapers. I still have 2 in diapers. I have carried a diaper bag for 5 1/4 straight years. Great tips.