Tuesday, July 10, 2007

WFMW - Improvise a Changing Table

When Mary Grace was little, I only changed diapers upstairs - figuring that going up 13 stairs to the changing table several times a day was good exercise. However, when I was "great with" Claire (BJ would argue that I'm not at all "great" when pregnant, but that's another post), I decided that I didn't want to haul my gigantic carcass up and down the stairs to the "real" changing table every time my first child needed a clean diaper.

On the other hand, I also didn't want the changing table downstairs (there's no room, for one thing), and the thought of changing diapers on the dining room table just sent me into a germophobic tailspin.

Enter the WFMW tip - the changing table on the washing machine! I got one of these, and popped it upon the top of the washer (note the raised sides). It doesn't weigh anything, so taking it off to throw in a load of clothes is a piece of cake. I have a box on top of the dryer that holds diapers (in two sizes, lucky me!), wipes, powder, butt paste, etc. There's plenty of room for a Diaper Genie in our laundry room, too, so it doesn't stink (at least I don't think it does - and if my house ever does get diaper or pet stink, I am counting on you to tell me!).

Added bonus #1 - the older kid loves to play with the knobs and buttons on the washer while getting changed, which prevents her from sticking her hands into the dirty diaper.

Added bonus #2 - the younger kid has been known to fall asleep if left too long on the washer during the spin cycle (it was totally a controlled experiment and I was right there the whole time - don't get your "delicates" in a twist!).

Added bonus #3 - it doesn't take up any additional space in my house, or cause any additional mess. WFMW

This would be an ideal solution for new parents in a small house, who don't want a traditional changing table. Works for me!!


Diatribal said...

That is great! We have a front loading washer, so it would work really well for that. In the next few months we will be buying our first 2-story home, so I will definitely remember this tip.

You should check out my site...I'm talking about pet stink today too!

Diatribal said...

Its Me again! Thanks for the GREAT advice on the puppy funk problem. I appreciate it!

Corrie said...

I have one of these and it folds in half (I can store it in the cupboard if I need to). Great tip.