Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cameron's Video

Hello to all of Cameron's friends and relatives! I am happy to host his internet debut! He is a beautiful boy. Karen and Jim are so lucky, and I know that Owen is going to be an awesome big brother!!!

Without further ado:

(Make sure you leave a comment to tell his Mama how gorgeous she looks - no woman should look that great so soon after having a baby!)

Y'all come back, now, y'hear?


B.J. said...

Excellent song choice. That turned out really well.

Megan said... brought me to tears! Great job!!

michele scanlon said...

Welcome Cameron! Congrat Karen & Jim! You do look beautiful & proud Karen. I know Jim is too! Another nephew for Uncle Den to show the ropes.
Love- Michele

Anonymous said...

Yeah you - you both look absolutely beautiful - we are sooo very happy for all three of you. Congrats - bz and company