Saturday, July 14, 2007

Return of the Drive In

Claire is doing much better. The fever broke after about 24 hours. I think it was the rotavirus vaccine that did it to her. And 24 hours of fever is better than the fun we had when MG had rotavirus. I was hugely pregnant with Claire - it was about 6 weeks before she was born. MG caught it at the doctor's office, and within 18 hours was puking her little guts out (11/12 times she threw up, she got it all over me. Motherhood is so glamorous!). We ended up in the emergency room. BJ and I had it, too, but not as badly as Mary Grace. It was absolutely miserable, and something I never want to do again, hence the vaccine. See, I used to be all, "Oh, we don't need flu shots and chicken pox shots and stuff like that because they won't be maimed or disfigured if they live through the flu or the chicken pox, so just give us the polio and the MMR and the DTAP and all the vaccines against really dangerous stuff, and we'll get immune to the not-as-dangerous stuff the old fashioned way." Yeah. And then I met rotavirus. Good Lord.

I can't imagine living a hundred years ago, when people used to die of simple infections and dehydration and other things that are so easy for us, in the U.S., to deal with now. It used to be normal for mothers to have lost a child, or several children. In some places it still is. I can't imagine. Those people didn't/don't love their children any less than we do. I'm really grateful to live in this time.

So, speaking of The Way Things Were, we went to the drive-in again last night. They were showing Ratatouille and Live Free or Die Hard. It was nice to see an adult movie that is still in theaters for a change. Ratatouille was cute, but over MG's head. Die Hard had some funny dialog, but required an uncomfortable level of "suspension of disbelief." They did some things with a fighter jet that were just not even possible. Oh well, it was fun. We didn't get home till 2 am. (The girls fell asleep long before the second movie came on, of course). BJ, the wus, is still upstairs sleeping. He made a brief appearance and then went right back up to bed.

I don't think he's been puked on, either. Sucks to be The Mom.


B.J. said...

I have pretty good reflexes and after being the sober guy at a lot of college parties I seem to have developed a 6th sense in knowing when someone's stomach is going to let go.

Besides, after seeing that video montage of kids vomiting (to the 1812 Overture, IIRC), I decided that one can't be too careful.

Brandon Stenger said...

You know, I'm used to BJ complaining about the lack of believability in movies...but I'm not used to getting it from you.

And I don't think I ever vomited on BJ. That I recall.