Friday, July 13, 2007

Shot in the Dark

Claire, my sweet little Claire, is reacting badly to the shots she had yesterday. Her fever hasn't been below 101 since 8 pm last night. It maxed out at 104 this morning. I was steeling myself against the possibility of febrile seizures, but they never came (I anticipate, therefore I do not panic). Holding her I can feel the fever moving around her little body. Her head is burning with that sharp, hot fever feeling - the sensation that tells all of my maternal instincts that something is wrong. Nursing her is like nursing a roast. She's heavy and still and hot in my arms.

I've hardly put her down. I made dinner while holding her, ate while holding her, slept while holding her. I can only offer her the comfort of Tylenol and my presence. My poor little lovey.

This too shall pass.

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Erin said...

Boy do I understand! Katelynn and I got home from her doctor appointment this morning. She was supposed to have her ears checked regarding the ear infection she had two weeks ago. Also if she was healthy, she would have her shots.

Well, she had a fever of 100.3 when we got there. She has a raging ear infection in both ears (this is the 5th or 6th time this year) and there was no way in heck she was getting her shots today. Apparently the antibiotics didn't work so well. They gave her an antibiotic shot with another antibiotic prescription for a larger and longer dosage. She goes back at the end of the month to hopefully get a clean bill of health and her shots. I do have a note for the daycare allowing her to attend until she gets her shots. Most of the time she's fine.

Anyway, the munchkin is sleeping so peacefully. I imagine she'll be out for a couple of hours. I gave her Tylenol too and lots of love. Sometimes that's all you can do!

If her ear infections don't clear up, we will probably have to talk about having tubes put in her ears. The nurse practitioner said that should clear the infections up. She's seen that every time. I hope she's right!