Friday, July 20, 2007

You have to kiss a lot of frogs

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Anonymous said...

Like mother like daughter! :)

Mommy said...

Oh sure, hide behind the anonymity of the internet!!

Although, I guess I can't be annoyed, because it's true. I just saved up all my "Good Boyfriend Points" for the one that really mattered!

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Mike (oh god!) Morris, who else was there. Chris Mc what's his name, hmmmmmmm well there were a bunch of nameless ones at IU, JP was a keeper but that didn't work out,
Yep, I'd say you ended up with the best of the bunch by far, thanks to me!

Mommy said...

The terribly scary thing is that you didn't even name a couple of the worst ones.

I definitely ended up with the best of the bunch. He says it wasn't too hard to beat his competition. Hahaha!