Sunday, July 8, 2007

East Meets (Old) West

Holy moly, have we been busy! I don't think we've stopped running for a week. You can see the effect it has had on Claire!

Here are the highlights -
Since BJ was working like a crazy person, we decided to head up to Grammaland on Thursday night. The girls were very good in the car. Mary Grace worked hard to entertain Biscuit the Cat. Every day she looks more like a kid, and less like a baby. Especially with the ponytail in her hair. Good grief. How is it possible that she's going to be two next month?

We spent the night at my mom's on Friday, and then on Saturday when she left for work, we went to the place where my friend Jenny boards her horses to meet Harley and Sam. Mary Grace was SO good! Perhaps it was because the big animals scared her, but she listened and followed directions like a champ. I was so proud of her. I actually surprised Jenny with my willingness to ride Harley. I hadn't been on a horse since she and I went to ride her old horse, Tess, in high school! Surprisingly, riding a horse is just like riding a bike, and after just a moment or two, it all came back to me.

Mary Grace warmed up considerably as we spent more time at the barn, but was still unimpressed with her first horse ride. I'm hoping that she'll be a little more willing next time. When we left, she did ask to go back, "just for a minute," so she may be a cowgirl yet. Although I'm not sure this is a hobby I want to encourage - after all, horses aren't cheap! I'm going to have to clip a lot of coupons to be able to afford tap lessons (damn you, Nosrus Tap!), and music lessons (because all kids should play an instrument, if nothing else so that they learn fractions), and a horse. I did save $50 at Walgreen's today (on stuff we really needed) and I got a hell of a deal on some baby clothes, so maybe... Oh, who am I kidding, I'm going to go broke buying $2 tickets for her to ride the train at the zoo over and over and over.
Anyway, after our horsey ride we went to Gramma Susan's to see Uncle Steve and meet my Aunt Ting Ting and their son David. David was born 30 minutes before Claire (although he was in China, so figuring that out required no small amount of math). He weighs 50% more than Claire. I don't know how Ting Ting carries him around all day. My back hurts badly enough from carrying Claire around!! We had a great visit with them, and with Alison and her mom (Alison will be coming back to us in the fall, when she returns to college and her job as Best Nanny Ever). Mary Grace had a great time playing with her and being afraid of Uncle Steve for no apparent reason.

We spent the night at Dad and Susan's so that we could visit with Dad, who had to work 2nd shift and didn't get home until way late. Then the next morning they went to the Big City to the West to visit Susan and Steve's cousin, and the girls and I came home (after a brief stopover to see Mom and Mimi before they went to work). We hung out with BJ for a bit, then he left for his conference today, so now it's just us girls again for a few days.

My good friend Karen had a baby - little Noname! He weighs just under 6 pounds, and is about a month early, so send your good thoughts and prayers toward them.

In other wonderful news, Claire laughed for the first time tonight. I'm hoping to get it on video soon. There is just nothing better than the sound of a baby's laugh.

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