Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hey, Look!

I've been scouring the web, looking for interesting content to put over at the right hand side, there. Check them out! I love the new slide show, personally. It just cracks me up when the drunk guy from Walmart shows up on there. I also am "sharing" some of the other blogs I read, so if you scroll down, you will see a dynamic list of what I'm reading today, and it should stay pretty fresh, considering the sheer number of blogs that I read (it's sad, you don't want to know).

The "blogosphere" (HATE that term) is really a community. I'm hoping that you will find something new, interesting, or different (besides just what cute thing MG said today) through my blog. I know that some of my readers are less 'net savvy than others, so by promoting these things, I hope to help you find places you might otherwise have missed. To boldly go... Aw, skip it. BJ's not home, no sci-fi metaphors.

It is so past my bedtime.

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