Saturday, July 7, 2007

My Child Prodigy

Did you miss us?

Expect a longer update sometime tomorrow afternoon after BJ leaves for his conference. For tonight, though, a brief anecdote...

I was putting MG to bed. After about 30 minutes of song-and-dance routines by both Daddy and Mommy, I was done. I said, "No more shenanigans, we are going to lay here and we are going to go to sleep now. No books, no nursing, no nothing. I will rub your back and hold you; you will go to sleep."

She screamed and cried a lot longer than I thought she could - she has had two late nights in a row, plus she had about a 20-25 minute nap today in the car and that was it - and here it was, about 9:30 at night, and she still has the energy to drive me insane.

"I wanna nurse for a minute! I wanna nurse for a minute!" she cried. And then, she sobbed,

"I wanna go live with Grandma!!!!"

I didn't think I'd hear that for another 12 years or so. Sigh.

I have the world's youngest teenager.

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