Monday, July 2, 2007

Shiny Kids

We went to the Dairy again today, with Grandma and Mimi. Didn't see any cows, though, because the tour wasn't leaving for an hour and a half, and who has that kind of time to wait around when there is ice cream available? Instead we played, and watched the adorable Amish children (Amish people going on a field trip to the dairy is sort of like doctors going to visit hospitals on vacation, don't you think? But the kids were adorable in their little bonnets and hats).

Anyway, my kids were photogenic, too, as usual. They get it from their aunt Mimi.

Isn't it amazing how this haircut can look so bad on me, and so cute on my sister? She's going to get really sick of me copying her... First I bought the purse, then I got the haircut... Just remember, Megan - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Still, I don't think the Amish will understand if I dress my kids in little plain dresses with bonnets, so I'd better only do that at home.

We're headed to the zoo tomorrow, because it's half price day. BJ says that between going to our zoo on Saturday, the dairy today, the Big zoo tomorrow, and the farm on Wednesday, I'm "setting the bar too high." I call it "summer vacation."

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Megan said...

Doesn't bother me a bit!
Love ya!