Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday BJ!

Did you know that BJ and I were born in the same hospital? It's true. I was born 6 weeks before him.

Living in the world without him was the hardest 6 weeks of my life. I cried a lot, refused to speak, had to be carried everywhere. Hahaha...

Of course, we didn't meet until later, at the ripe old age of 11. Then we started dating when we were 21, and have been together ever since. I'm sure I've told the story on here already. Oh, ha, I told it LAST year on his birthday.

Happy Birthday, honey! The kids and I love you so much!!!


RobMonroe said...

Happy Birthday BJ!

di said...

Couple comments: imagine the Girls had to get used to not being center of attention after last weekend. Sorry about that.... They were Wonderful children--easy to be around. I believe that being a Grandparent has it's 'rewards' in that we don't have to 'work' or get things done at a certain time..you'll see, later on :)
Birthdays-probably wrote this last year too but here goes: Ben Sr and I were born 1 week apart in the same hospital (Home, in Lafayette) and were probably in the nursery at the same time since they kept mothers a long time before dismissing them to go home. How's that for 'generational karma?!'
Happy Birthday, BJ--a fanTAStic Son and Rocket Scientist.