Thursday, June 4, 2009

Water Problems

The water in our downstairs is brown - not rusty - brown. And it was also brown at Noodles and at the library (which are both several miles from our house). The water upstairs is fine. I didn't see any hydrants being flushed.

1) What's up with flushing fire hydrants? Why?

2) Does anyone local know what's going on? I checked the water utility's web site and they had no information. I also checked the newspaper's website, but the only problem I found was from a couple of weeks ago.

3) The under-the-sink water purification system that we installed with the new sink and faucet is doing an outstanding job of filtering out the brownness. The kitchen tap water looks fine. It's the water in the bathroom that's most scary.

I'm going to be AFB (away from blog) this weekend... See you Monday!

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