Saturday, June 20, 2009

In which I whine about my aches and pains like and old woman

I have a serious problem.

Both of the kids are in the habit of coming into our bed at night. I wouldn't mind this, because they wait until we're asleep, except they sleep ON ME. One sticks her head on my left shoulder, one on my right, and I end up pinned to the bed, unable to move, for the rest of the night.

Somehow, they do this without waking me up.

It is giving me bursitis in my shoulders. It's doing something bad to my ring finger on my right hand. I bought Aspercream yesterday, people! I'm 33!!!

I woke up this morning, and I can't move my arm. I can't turn my head all the way to the right. I HURT.

I have got to get these kids out of my bed.

The thing is that we were really good for several weeks about waking up when MG came in, and escorting her back to her room. So she adapted and learned to sneak in without waking me up. Now, by the time I wake up, the damage is already done, I am already in pain, and I wake up cranky and yelling.

BJ suggests that we start shutting our door, hoping that the door opening will wake one of us up. I may put a bell on it or something, too. Or train Max to lay in front of the door and bark when the kids open it.

How do you get/keep your kids out of your bed?


Anonymous said...

MOVE and don't tell them where you've gone.

Anonymous said...

One thing that may work is trying to ween them off of staying in the room/your bed. You can do this by pick a night with your kids for them each to stay in your room. On that night they can make a bed next to yours and sleep in your room. It will be fun for them b/c they are spending time with you making a special spot in the room in which they can sleep with you for the night. This will still give them the comfort of sleeping in the room with you but not pinning you down while you sleep. However, if they sneek into your room any other time during that week they can't have there special night to camp out in your room. They will do there best with trying to stay in there room all week just so they can each have there night to camp out in the room next to the bed, and if they do end up climb up in to your bed sometime during that night just think its only one kid sleeping in bed with you that night, so it will be easier to move around. Its at least a great tool to get them to stop sleeping in your bed. Just put a bunch of blankets down or a single person air matt down and that should do the trick. I hope this helps you out.



bennyv said...

We return them to their rooms every time they stray. I would try shutting the door. Our room is right across the hall from the kids so I started shutting our door because the night light was shining in my face. If they come to our room for a legitimate reason (pretty much illness or bad storms)I set them up on the floor not our bed. Because, as you well know, once you start letting them in the bed it is almost impossible to get them out again.

I use to let children sleep with me. Especially nursing babies, then I realized we all (kids included) sleep much better with our own beds. In fact I often joke that my husband and I need bunk beds so I can sleep better.

I think getting good sleep makes me a better mom so I don't feel bad denying them my bed.