Saturday, September 26, 2009

I was off by a day...

I finished my book last night. If work, the kids, and a migraine hadn't interfered, I would certainly have been done by Thursday. It was good. Not my favorite of the series, but it was good. Reading a book that's seventh in a series is kind of like seeing old friends again. Unfortunately, I won't get to see them again until the next book comes out - probably when Claire is in first grade.

That kind of puts it in perspective.

At least I'll have more uninterrupted time to read then than I had this time!

In addition to reading too much, I've been getting us ready for our upcoming trip to Florida (for which we have a house sitter so don't even think about taking the opportunity to rob us blind. Besides, we're taking all the good stuff with us). Did you know you can use Priceline for rental cars? I got a full sized car for $25 a day (plus $70 for the week's worth of goofy taxes and fees and whatnot). Not too bad! Next time I'll try $20 a day.

BJ's taking the kids to Brandon's with him today, and I'm going to go shopping. I need to get some stuff for myself, and I have a coupon for Kohl's. I guess it's going to be hot while we're in Florida, which is nice because we'll get another chance to wear our summer clothes.

I have thoughts about that article I posted yesterday, but I'm still digesting the book. I think I'm going to (slowly) read through the whole series again. I know there's stuff I missed because it's been several years since I've read the preceding books. Normally I don't read the same thing over and over, but these books have lots of layers, reoccurring characters, and foreshadowing. I know I'll catch more of it if I give it another read.

However, I won't read it with the urgency I've been reading it with the first time, so I'll still have time to post, check on my Facebook Mafia, and keep up with my Google reader which currently has over 500 unread items. We won't even discuss the state of Chez Austin. It's a little scary.

What are you up to this weekend?


Have the T-shirt said...

Thanks to you, in addition to cleaning my garage and taking my son on a clothes shopping expedition to the mall, I've read I'm well into the second book.

I really didn't have time for this.

But I am in love with this series and can't wait to read the rest.

Thanks for turning me on to it!

RobMonroe said...

We did the National Book Festival - PBS knows how to get kids active and involved, and excited. This is one of the things I think I will miss if we move, but that's okay... right?