Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where'd Tuesday Go?

I just folded enough laundry to make me wish that my family paid by the pound. Sheesh! And I'm still not finished, there's a load in the dryer, a load in the washer, and all the sheets yet to wash. I even have to do the guest room sheets, which I totally never do wash every time we have a houseguest because BJ's aunt is staying with us this weekend. I can't finish the laundry tonight, anyway, because everyone's gone to bed except me.

You know you've been slackadaisical when you've gotten to the point where you must do laundry again, because the kids are wearing last year's pants that no longer fit, and your husband is wearing t-shirts from college again, and yet you still haven't managed to put away the clothes from the last time you got to the point where you must have done laundry. If everyone would just live out of the baskets, it would be much easier.

I didn't even get a chance to tell you that my bonus sister, Jill, and her husband, Brian, had their baby, Alex, yesterday!! He was born at 6 pm. According to my bonus mom, Jill's water broke and she went to work before going to the hospital.


I thought I was hardcore for having gone to work when Claire was 2 days old (oh hush, sanctimommies, I took her with me - someone had to run payroll!!).

Jill wins.

Speaking of money, and babies, has anyone had a baby while being insured by Anthem? If so, do you know how much your total out of pocket cost was for the prenatal, labor, and delivery? I've apparently been spoiled by my previous HMO - it was $500 for everything. I think now it will be the max out-of-pocket limit according to our policy, and I think the lowest we can get that is $2000.


Should I put a Paypal button up to help fund the next Pretty Baby? Hahaha!

It's probably already been done.

Speaking of pretty babies, I would love to post pictures of Alex, but I haven't got any yet (ahem! Brian. Part of Dad's job is to distribute pictures within 24 hours of the birth. This is why God invented Facebook. Slacker! :) ). I hear he has lots of hair, and a little bit of jaundice. We shall see...

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Kaitlyn said...

Are you saying your preggo with the next PB??? Hmmm? ;)
I had anthem and I think it cost us about $850.00
But I had an epidural, which you've never done, so that takes about 90.00 off.
Hope that helps! :)