Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To Do List

In order of how I remembered them:

Things I Need To Do:
Put away seven loads of laundry
Vacuum upstairs
Clean upstairs bathroom
Vacuum downstairs
Clean the toy room (ugh)
Clean the kitchen, bathroom, and toyroom floors
Pull weeds
Empty dishwasher & reload with breakfast dishes
Wash sheets
Clean out fridge
Defrost freezer
Make grocery list, go through coupons
Grocery shopping
Take MG to Ballet
Go to work tomorrow (see alternate neverending list of things that need to be done at work)
Declutter the shelf over there that is groaning under the weight of all my crap
Clean out the car
Get a hair cut
Sort some toys out to take to Goodwill because, seriously, the toy room is out of control
Wash the insides of all the window sills and the patio door sills because they are nasty

Things I've Already Done:
Clean downstairs bathroom (except floor)
Wash laundry
Gotten health insurance quotes
Gone to work (today)

Things I Want To Do:
Surf Internet
Play with the kids
Go out for coffee with Casey
Make a List of Things To Do that includes the Things I've Already Done so I can check them
off and feel like I've accomplished something, even though most of it happened yesterday
Hire someone to clean the house


Cathie said...

Haha... Srsly, my mom made a list everyday. And on it she included stuff like "get up", "get dressed", "eat breakfast", "make bed", etc. just so she could feel accomplished when she crossed SOMETHING off. Good luck getting through your list. It seems whenever we finally get to the bottom of it, it is time to start over again. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Even if you had someone come clean every other week like me, it would help a great deal. Worth their weight in gold just for the sake of your morale!
xo, Connie