Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's the Little Things

I just picked the kids up from Uncle Brandon's house. Claire was asleep within moments of getting in the car. I looked back and Mary Grace was gently stroking Claire's hair. Awwwww!


Mary Grace has a real thing for catalogs. She abused the birthday catalog from Birthday Express, dreaming of a thousand different parties she could have, prior to her Wizard of Oz birthday. Since then, she's become obsessed with the Halloween Costume catalog from Costume Express.

She got a copy of it about a month ago, and looked at it so much and so often that it fell apart (after repeated applications of packing tape to try to strengthen its feeble pages). Well, a new one came in today's mail, so I saved it for her. We just got home, and I showed it to her before I took a sleeping Claire up to her bed. When I came down, she was so excited to have found the Scooby Doo costumes, as well as a (very cool, actually) Wall-E costume that would be "perfect for Claire" (her words).

After showing me the costumes, she hugged me and said, "Thanks for the catalog, Mom. You're the best mother I could ever dream of having!"

Double awwww... all in about 10 minutes. I can't remember why I wanted a day to myself, now. (I did get my nails done, though, and that was kind of fabulous).

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