Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random Tuesday

This is Mary Grace's favorite YouTube video:

I have no idea how we found it originally, but she loves it and could watch it over and over for hours and never get bored.

In other news, Claire got bit by a mosquito on the bridge of her nose, and now she looks like this guy:

All right, technically her hair isn't that long, but the bridge of her nose is swollen, and has been for days, and she looks weird in a way that sets off my "something is WRONG" mom alarm. I get a little jolt of anxiety every time I look at her, until I realize, "Oh, it's just the mosquito bite, it's fine..."

It's a little tiring.

Otherwise, not much is new here. Did you all have a nice holiday weekend?


Anonymous said...

Had a very nice weekend in South Haven Michigan camping and riding the Harleys. Put lots of miles on and let me clarify that our idea of camping is black and white tv! We go in puuure luxury. Wish everyone did it and took their kids often... it's what America is all about! Sorry to say that's the last trip in the rv this season but we'll be off again Memorial Day wknd '10 and July 4 and Labor Day and whatever we can fit in between!

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome video. Mary Grace has good taste.

Cathie said...

Wow, I couldn't decide among awe, ouch, and disgusting the entire time I was watching that video. I almost turned it off after the first 50 seconds, then the gymnastics started and I was hooked. I'm still shaking my head...

Our Labor Day was great. Lots of down time for the whole family, which we desperately needed.