Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Am A Bad Blogger

I really have no excuse for not writing lately except that we're trying to get ready for our trip which involves doing a thousand loads of laundry and cleaning over and over and over because cleaning with the children in the house is like trying to fight back high tide with a broom and they are much more efficient at messing up than I am at cleaning so I end up feeling like I just chase them around tidying behind them which is honestly no way to live but seriously it's been get up and run run run from the moment we wake up in the morning until we get the kids to bed and by then I'm just so damn worn out that I don't have the creativity left in me to tell you something cute or funny like the way Claire wants to be "up is down" whenever Daddy comes home (upside down for those of you who don't speak Claire) or the story about the baby chicks that Mary Grace got to hold at school or that my mom came down to hang out today or about Grandmother Diana's birthday today or that Great Aunt Roz is going to spend the weekend with us or how we scored free tickets to the Homecoming game and we need a sitter (although it just occurred to me that we could make some decent money scalping them) or I could mention that there are only four full days left before we leave and how I'm really nervous about going because I'm afraid the kids are going to poop out fifteen minutes into Disneyworld and we'll have wasted a ridiculous amount of money or I could make the story of burning the granola yesterday and wrecking the chocolate chip cookies tonight really funny if I had the energy but I don't and honestly if you think this post has been tiring to read without punctuation realize that that's how I've been living for the past week without pauses commas dashes or periods and it has fried my brain entirely so hopefully I'll be able to find my writing mojo this weekend and I'll write that post about discipline that I promised you but right now I'm going to distract you with this awesome picture of the newest Pretty Baby - my nephew Alex:

...and of course before I sign off for the evening I have to say:

Happy Birthday Grandmother Diana! We love you!!


Cate said...

story of my life. :)

di said...

Hey, thanks Family! LOVE ya too. And FL, here we come!!!