Wednesday, October 7, 2009

OMG Tired

Disney kicked our butts. We did 12 hours of the Magic Kingdom. Best - Monsters Inc comedy show. They told the joke that MG texted in! Worst - Buzz Lightyear. Lots of screaming. Loved Princess lunch! Hated the prices. It's my turn to shower, thank God. Seaworld tomorrow. PS- BJ quickly agreed that I was right about bringing our stroller!


Michelle said...

Glad you guys are having fun! And tell BJ I won't bother him about work stuff any more!

katshepherd said...

Hi Amy - thanks for sharing your snippets of fun and photos. I'll be interested to hear the full analysis when you return. Keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ian hated that buzz lightyear ride when he was about MG's age too! He screamed and hid his eyes the whole time!!